My work falls into two quite different areas: developing web sites and professional consulting.

For web sites, I make use of a very well tested content framework where the emphasis is for me to help you design and implement the first instance of your website, and then letting you take over the continuing management of the content on your website.

For professional consulting, I offer all of the talents I developed over my long career in developing Internet based applications. I have been around the block and continue to keep up to date in both computers, applications, and networking.


One of the most frequent activities I am involved in these days is the design and implementation of web sites. These are the steps I follow in developing a web site with a customer:

  1. Initial Meeting to Discuss Scope of the Effort This meeting (typically conducted over the telephone, although a face to face meeting are also possible) is an opportunity for me to listen to what you would like to do and for you to ask me questions about what can be done.
  2. Proposal for Work After the initial meeting, I will come back to you with a small proposal specifying what I will do and my estimate about how much it will cost. Again we will discuss this to make sure it is what you want. This might also include a limited mockup of some portion of the web site to give you an indication of how the web site will look. Once we have agreed on the proposed work and cost, I will commence work on the project .
  3. Preliminary Result Since I believe that you won’t know exactly what you want until you see something, I will give you an early preview of the results of the project so that you can make alterations and suggestions for changes. If the alterations involve a change in the level of effort required to complete the project, I will let you know this and you can decide whether or not you want to proceed with these changes.
  4. Final Result When I am finished with the project, we will can have another telephone meeting where we can go over the web site so that I can explain what I have done and you can ask questions.
  5. Additional Work At the meeting about the final result, we can discuss any additional work you would like done, starting at step one again.

To show you the kind of web sites I have done in the past, I have created a table of web site URLs and a description of the web site.

Web Site


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My personal web site, built so that I can update it using a simple content management system. This is the gateway to examples most of my personal work, including travelogs, tributes to deceased people and animals, and various digital photography presentations.

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A web site for a small business — this web site.

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A web site for showing the work of an artist. It has a simple method for buying works of art from the artist.

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A web site for presenting the work of a writer. I have used the Lexington Digital Interactive Website Framework (LexDig Framework) for this site so that the customer can edit the content herself using a simple browser based content management system.

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A web site for a non-profit organization. This also uses the LexDig Framework so that non-technical people can manage the content presented. This web site has premium areas that are restricted to people who possess a password.

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A web site for the non-profit cable access corporation in Lexington, MA. In addition to information presentation, this web site has private access controlled areas which contains a variety of online tools for running a small non-profit organization.

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A web site where I have written about my family’s travels over the past 10 years. I have used these travelogs to develop a variety of multimedia presentation techniques that can be reused elsewhere.

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The web site of a Boston church that has a dynamic activities calendar as well as dynamic news about events happening in the church community.

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The web site of a non-profit, interfaith association that facilitates sister-brother relationships between communities of faith from the USA and Nicaragua.

This website no longer exists.

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The web site for the consulting practice of a MIT professor. Included is a fairly active discussion bulletin board.

These sites illustrate the kind of work I have done. But, it is really your content that determines the structure and mechanisms used for your web site. Give me a call and we can create the right web presence for your content.


For 32 years (1972–2004) I worked in leading edge Research & Development, Product Development and Entrepreneurial Startup activities, at Bolt Beranek and Newman, CMGI, Genuity and Level 3. This experience is a wonderful foundation for advising companies on new products and technologies, as well as working on early stage development of new products in the area of Internetwork Applications. My resume describes many of my professional act ivies. As part of preparation for an article about my years at BBN, I wrote an article titled, Early Internet Applications describing a number of innovative applications I developed while at BBN. I have also written a Powerpoint presentation, Projects at Genuity. Someday I will write up my work at CMGI and Level 3…

In any case, I am interested in getting back into the Startup world, helping young entrepreneurs understand some of the issues that are important contributors to success. In addition, my technical innovation talents are as alive as always and so I am interested in mentoring technical act ivies of early stage startups.

Please contact me with your needs.

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