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These days, a computer that is not connected to the ouside world of the Internet and the World Wide Web feels like something is missing: connectivity is essential. I can help you in a number of ways and answer a number of questions:

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) Selection: Which of the many alternative ways of connecting to the Internet is best for you? Dialup, DSL, Cable? RCN or Comcast or Verizon? Wired or Wireless?
  • Connecting PC to Internet: Now that you have a PC and have signed up for Internet service with an ISP, what else do you need to do to make your computer do all of the tricks in accessing the Internet and the web? Do you have a laptop that you want to be able to use anywhere in your house and so need a wireless connection? What about the security of a wireless connection?
  • Sharing one Internet Connection with multiple PCs: If you have multiple computers in your house, you can share the one connection to the Internet provided by your ISP by putting a router between your computers and the Internet connection. Which router should you get? Wired or Wireless?
  • Connecting PCs in an Office: What is the best way to connect multiple PCs or Macs in an office setting so that they all have access to the Internet, and also have controlled access to each other? Do you need a separate machine to hold shared resources such as files, databases and programs?

As PCs and Networks increase in capability, the choices you have to make also increase: it is helpful to get the advice of someone who has been around the block on all of these issues. Here, I can help you.

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