For 32 years (1972–2004) I worked in leading edge Research & Development, Product Development and Entrepreneurial Startup activities, at Bolt Beranek and Newman, CMGI, Genuity and Level 3. This experience is a wonderful foundation for advising companies on new products and technologies, as well as working on early stage development of new products in the area of Internetwork Applications. My resume describes many of my professional act ivies. As part of preparation for an article about my years at BBN, I wrote an article titled, Early Internet Applications describing a number of innovative applications I developed while at BBN. I have also written a Powerpoint presentation, Projects at Genuity. Someday I will write up my work at CMGI and Level 3…

In any case, I am interested in getting back into the Startup world, helping young entrepreneurs understand some of the issues that are important contributors to success. In addition, my technical innovation talents are as alive as always and so I am interested in mentoring technical act ivies of early stage startups.

Please contact me with your needs.

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