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Lexington Digital is a small business based on the following premises:

  1. The world has gone digital. The dotcom boom didn’t fail. It transformed our society from analog to digital, all in less than ten years. You can now inexpensively communicate any type of digital information, anywhere in the world, to any type of digital device.
  2. The world has gone retail. The cost of digital components and developing digital presentations has reached the level where consumers can afford to purchase sophisticated products. No longer do you need to operate a large enterprise in order to benefit from the best technology.
  3. Many people want some help. Some people don’t want to consume their time or expertise developing digital presentations or figuring out the intricacies of computers and the Internet, others just want some help.
  4. I want to continue to have fun doing what I love and to be fairly compensated. I have always enjoyed the work I do — and have only gone after projects that capture my curiosity. I have worked on enough different project to now recognize projects where I can successfully contribute value — and to also know when I won’t be effective. I only want to work on projects which will captivate my attention and where I will be effective. I believe in "value pricing" — charging what my services are worth in the marketplace and to you — no more, no less.

Note: After doing consulting work following these ideas for several years, I discovered that it wasn’t working well for me. The reason? First, I couldn’t ask individuals to pay me what I used to make for doing the same level of work. Then I discovered that even if people were getting a terrific deal, they still felt that since they were paying me real money that they owned me and could ask me to do all sorts of things that were beyond the original agreement. This was a double wammy and I decided I want to change the way I was working.

So, I decided to turn the tables a bit and only do jobs for people and causes that I really believed in and to do this for free. This way instead of people feeling as if I owed them something because they paid me, they now feel as if they owe me something because I did something for them for free. This is a much more pleasant way to live. People are really very nice to me under these conditions. And, quite frankly, the money I earned the other way didn’t make that much difference.

Oh, and one more thing: when I do get an opportunity to work for money on something that I’m not that interested in, I now charge what I am worth, coming up with prices that are significantly higher than I think people should pay. Either the people will go away, or they will pay me what I think I am worth even if there are people offering similar services for less. This way I now have a fund for buying new technology that will keep me on the bleeding edge. So far, I’ve done one job this way — but these kinds of jobs don’t happen very often.

For 35 years I have worked with computers and networks as we have entered the digital world. It is my nature to constantly look for better ways to do things using digital devices and techniques. I have always had the confidence to try things in the digital communications world that seemed like a stretch. Along the way, I have developed a umber of applications and skills doing things with computers and networks which have been innovative and which others have found useful.

I am offering these skills to others. Actually, I have been offering these to friends for many years. Now, I am creating a small business to offer these services to thers.

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Harry Forsdick

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